Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads

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The Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads are safety gear designed for outdoor sports and hunting activities. The knee pads measure 140 * 195 * 85mm, while the elbow pads measure 170 * 130 * 70mm. They are made from EVA high-density foam, lightweight TPU, and 1000D nylon, with lycra CoolMax material on the back.

The latest version of these pads are smaller, making it easier to wear and move more quickly and accurately. They are extremely light and flexible, providing excellent protection and shock absorption while moving with your body. These combat type knee and elbow pads are designed to keep your knees safe during emergency situations, such as suddenly kneeling down, crawling, or any dangerous actions. They are also suitable for different terrains, such as climbing or kneeling position shooting.

The X type TPU shell is an original creation that can absorb impact from different angles, while the EVA high-density foam provides excellent shock absorption. The internal anti-skidding layer keeps the pads in place, and the spandex can adjust the tape and fast remove buckles, making them suitable for all leg sizes and ensuring comfortable wear. The internal lycra CoolMax helps keep the knee pads dry and provides a comfortable feeling during use.

Customer Reviews

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Peyton Davis

Surprisingly good - I knelt down and shuffled round my garden in them to test them. - They worked really well

Jaron Romaguera

Surprised how good this was for the price - Fell over while wearing them and didn’t feel a thing on my knees

Kiana O'Keefe

Excellent service by retailer, item arrived quickly and was well packaged.
Item stitching is very uniform and neat, fixtures are very secure and robust.
Th eoriginal location of the stitched velcro section is no good for me so I will move it further along and re-stitch, allowing me to use the velcro closure as well as the strap hooks.
My knee circumference where straps would be is 36cm below knee and 43cm above knee.
Typical European male adult.
Padding is very comfortable against the body.
I like these so I will purchase a few more sets.