Full Face Anti-fog Mask

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The Protective Goggles are designed to offer various protections and high-definition vision. Its features include:

  1. PC explosion-proof lens: The goggles feature a PC explosion-proof lens, which provides protection against shock, UV rays, wind, and other hazards. The lens also offers a high-definition vision for a clear view.

  2. Resilience frame and high-quality HD lens: The goggles have a resilient frame and a high-quality HD lens, which make them durable and less prone to breakage. The goggles provide protection against UV rays, and glare, and offer HD vision.

  3. Elastic and adjustable: The goggles come with an elastic band that is easy to adjust. The wearer can adjust the tightness of the band according to their needs, ensuring maximum comfort.

  4. Natural rubber and breathable sponge: The goggles are surrounded by natural rubber, which is healthy and harmless. The high-quality breathable sponge enhances air permeability and prevents the goggles from being worn easily.

The Protective Goggles are ideal for various activities that require eye protection, such as sports, outdoor activities, and work that involves exposure to hazards.

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Eve D'Amore

Amazing :)

Alejandra Herman

Good quality mask